HCA Board Members

Position Name Email Address
President Margie Goergen-Rood president@hillandale-md.org
Executive Vice President Kimberly Pfirrmann-Powell vp@hillandale-md.org
Vice President, Programs Andrew Harris programs@hillandale-md.org
Treasurer Ken Harringer treasurer@hillandale-md.org
Secretary Heather Thomas secretary@hillandale-md.org
Past President Luanne Spiller pastpresident@hillandale-md.org
At Large
Position Name Email Address
At Large (Old Hillandale) Jeff McNeil atlarge1@hillandale-md.org
At Large (West Hillandale) Virgil Tudor atlarge2@hillandale-md.org
At Large (West Hillandale) Tom Helfand atlarge3@hillandale-md.org
At Large (Hillandale Forest) Ava Penny atlarge4@hillandale-md.org
At Large (Hillandale Forest) Lillie Brown atlarge4@hillandale-md.org
Committee Chairs
Committee Name Email Address
Editor, The Bulletin Ross Sutton newsletter@hillandale-md.org
Garden Awards Ross Sutton & Elizabeth St John beautifulhillandale@hillandale-md.org
Historian OPEN historian@hillandale-md.org
Housing and Permitting OPEN codehelp@hillandale-md.org
Natural Resources John Dunn & Phyllis Solomon resources@hillandale-md.org
Public Safety Clay Teunis watch@hillandale-md.org
Membership OPEN membership@hillandale-md.org
Schools Mary Myers-Nelson schools@hillandale-md.org
Website Maintenance Russ Harris webmaster@hillandale-md.org
Greeter Kay Taub greeters@hillandale-md.org
Zoning and Planning Eileen Finnegan zoning@hillandale-md.org
AdHoc Committee Chairs
Community-Developer Liason Bill Thomas secretary@hillandale-md.org
Bylaws Shana Davis-Cook vp@hillandale-md.org
Community Organizations
HSTA OPEN www.hillandalepool.com
West Hillandale Swim Club OPEN www.westhillandaleswimclub.org